Officers & Committees

2014 Officers

President – Gavin Sinclair
Past President – Bob Steiger
President Elect – Bob Rinehart
Secretary – Mark Pittman
Treasurer – Dan Green
Sergeant-at-Arms – The Honourable Wayne Honeycutt


2014 Committees

  •        Membership – Chair: Austin Pearce; Steve Hunt, Rob Conrad, Michael Wimberly
  •         Fund Raising – Chair: Richard Tucker; Wayne Honeycutt, Austin Pearce, Bob Steiger, Rob Luckadoo
  •         Service – Chair: Michael Wimberly; Bobbie Durrett, Mark Bumgarner
  •         Finance – Chair: Dan Green; Phil Trick, Tracy Reece
  •         Programs – Chair: Ric Vandett; Ron Leitch, Steve Hunt, Mark Pittman
  •         Public Relations – Chair: Betty Long; Mark Bumgarner, Ric Vandett
  •         CART – Mark Bumgarner
  •         Rotary Foundation – Ron Leitch
  •         Polio Plus – Phil Trick
  •        President and President-elect are ex-officio members of all committees



What the Committees Do

Membership Committee: Encourages new members and retention of existing members.

Fund Raising: Takes the lead in organizing agreed-upon fund raising efforts and proposing new ones, when appropriate

Service Committee: Takes the lead in organizing agreed-upon service projects and proposing new ones, when appropriate

Finance Committee: Assists the treasurer in keeping the finances  and financial records up-to-date. Presents a monthly statement at Club Assembly.

Programs Committee: Organizes interesting programs.

Public Relations: Organizes press releases and media relations

CART: Encourages and collects CART contributions and remits to the District.

Rotary Foundation: Encourages Foundation membership and maintains records.

Polio Plus : Acts as point of contact for District and International Polio Plus matters.