Hickory Sunrise Rotary Citrus Sale – Back by Popular Demand

It’s that time of year again! Hickory Sunrise Rotary has begun its annual citrus fruit sale. It’s a great opportunity to get some top quality Florida oranges, grapefruits or tangelos at a really great price, and with all profits going to the causes supported by Hickory Sunrise Rotary.

Every year, customers ask us how our fruit tastes so good and stays fresh so long. It’s simple really. Our supplier harvests the fruit the same day it ships to us. Other suppliers sell fruit that’s been harvested weeks in advance and then placed in cold storage. You end up with fruit that’s months old and lacking in flavor.

To order, choose from the options below and email us, or call 828-464-1565. We’ll let you know when your fruit is ready to pick up.

Navel Oranges
20 lb. carton (28-40 oranges): $27
40 lb. carton (56-80 oranges): $37

20 lb. carton (16-24 grapefruit): $27
40 lb. carton (36-48 grapefruit): $37

Mixed Oranges & Grapefruit
20 lb. carton (16 oranges & 9 grapefruit): $27
40 lb. carton (32 oranges & 18 grapefruit): $37

Juice Oranges
20 lb. carton (36-50 oranges): $27
40 lb. carton (72-100 oranges): $37

20 lb. carton (36-50 tangelos): $27
40 lb. carton (72-100 tangelos): $37