Sunrise Rotary Gears Up for February’s “Jamming at the Beach”

Preparations are well under way for the second annual Rotary Jam, presented by Hickory Sunrise Rotary Club. 2015’s event, which takes place on Valentine’s Day, has a beach theme and will feature music from the Fantastic Shakers, heavy hors d’oeuvres and even shag lessons! More information will be available soon, both here and at our Facebook page.

MegThis morning’s meeting saw a visit from Meg Locke, owner of the event venue, The Crossing at Hollar Mill. Meg’s generosity has been invaluable in keeping down the cost of the event, thus boosting the amount of the money generated from the evening’s festivities that can be dedicated to scholarships.

The club expressed its gratitude to Meg. We really couldn’t hope for a more beautiful venue!