Halloween at the Beach a Great Success

Our Halloween at the Beach fundraiser for education at Moretz Mills was an outstanding success which will allow us to continue and expand our sponsorship of deserving local students at Catawba Valley Community College. Needless to say, it was also a lot of fun! Mark your calendars for the second annual Valentines dance on Saturday February 13th as we stake our claim for Hickory as North Carolina’s westernmost beach town.


Rotarians Richard Tucker, Bob Steiger and Phil Trick prepare the barbecue before the event

An impressive array of costumes was sported by Rotarians…


…and guests.


Music was provided by the Band of Oz


Not even a fire alarm could dampen the spirits of those in attendance, although our efforts to make everyone buy another ticket to get back in were not always successful.


Thanks to all who came and danced the night away. See you in February!